2 Must see Places in Thailand

Thailand is one of the best tourist destinations for it offers you not only rejuvenating experiences along with fun and fantasies coming true, you can have every bit of adventure here at Thailand, and it would be unarguably the best you could get from any corner of the world. Undoubtedly this is the reason why Thailand is one of the most used nations as the backdrop of major movies being made across the world. Not only the charm, even a hardened traveller when comes to Thailand is shocked by its raw beauty and is totally mesmerized by the unforgettable hospitality and experiences available here. The experiences of witnessing the sunset at Railey Beach or to visit Phi Phi Don- each and every moment spent at Thailand is a moment worth living for!

So here are the two places that you just can’t afford to miss when you next visit Thailand or when you arrive here for the first time:

The Grand Palace
Bangkok is filled with amazing places to visit and certainly you will find a place worth your time every now and then in the capital but if you want the day to count, it has to be here at the Grand Palace. Unarguably it is the capital’s jewel and a true hub for all the visitors. The eye warming and dazzling beauty of this spectacular marvel can’t just be described I words. It was built in the year 1782 and housed the king of the Thai kingdom, the royal courtesans along with the government officials for more than 150 years. The Grand Palace continues to attract many visitors and appreciators because of its awe inspiring beauty and architecture that does not fail to catch the eye. And it is to be taken as a precaution or a suggestion that you need to dress decently and simply as the people who are dressed inappropriately, have to sit out as the entry is denied.

PhangNga Province
The PhangNga Bay is located exactly North east of Phuket and it happens to be the unique site here as Ha Long of Vietnal only shows some similarity. The main feature that puts the place class apart from every other place is the limestone cliffs appear to emerge vertically from the amazingly emerald green waters. The two of the most famous and favourite spots here are the James Bond Island and KohPannyi. If you really intend to feel close to the nature and want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the James Bond Island as well as the KohPannyi, it is advisable that you book a boat ride from north of Phuket. And as a matter of fact, you will realize that this kind of a boat trip that takes you so close to the nature through the limestone cliffs is far better than a bus or train trip down to anywhere else in the city.

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