Heritage tour through Kuching

should always take the time to learn more about the heritage of the place. A place rich in history and conquests, a tour around the city is only just! Kuching, Sarawak’s historical capital, is one of the most pleasant cities in the Southeast Asia. A tour around this historical city includes going through the Cat Statue, Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple and the infamous Sarawak Museum. Visit the central markets of the city and walk along the narrow alleyways of the old Kuching, do you see the heritage building of the White Rajah era? By joining the heritage tour, one would be given more information about the culture of the place.


The tour would start the city’s former State Mosque which was built in 1968. This mosque was the city’s most striking landmarks which is enhanced some more during sunsets. Once the first stop is done, the next stop would be sought for. This next stop is on the dockyard which dated back to 1912, it is called the Brooke Dockyard. The dockyard is still operating even after the years has passed. This dockyard is now mostly doing repairs for the government. A hundred year old shop houses are seen in the road of Gambier Street. Even after years and years of wear and tear, these shop houses are still open for their business. Though a number of signs are now cannot be read, there is still this one stall which is filled with spices and even open air stalls.


There was once a narrow way in between the shops twenty four and twenty five. A lot of shops before were used as textile shops, salon, stores and even small mosque. The lane then was widened and it was even considered the narrowest alley. This narrow alley exits to the India Street Mall, another temptation to be faced whenever one is encountered by malls you are looking for. As one goes through the narrow lane towards the Chinese Archway into Carpenter Street, one would be entering into another world which houses antiquated houses. A Chinese temple, Hiang Thian Sang Ti, is also appreciated by many.  It was said that this temple was made by a group of Chinese who does not speak Chinese fluently. A main bazaar is also seen not far away from the temple.


This bazaar contains a number of houses which sells trinkets and bric-a-bracs for tourists. Another temple is also encountered in the intersection called Tua Pek Khong. This temple was made at 1843 and it is also the oldest temple in the city. It is most famous for the celebrations for Wang Kang. It is basically the opposite of the Waterfront which shows riverside landing jetties for the trading material. This is a landmark which one seems to like the most in the heritage tour of Kuching. There are a lot of places one could visit in Kuching. Just do not forget that this is one of the holidays in Borneo that one should never forget!